The land of biodiversity.
Suggested duration of the trip: 10 days.

Postcard-perfect landscapes, forests painted every shade of green, and coastlines washed by turquoise waters.

Costa Rica is a unique environmental jewel: tropical forests, volcanoes, marine parks but above all thriving ecosystems that make it precisely a true biodiversity sanctuary.

Costa Rica is a Central American country known for its extraordinary biodiversity (it is home to more than half a million different plant and animal species) and breathtaking landscapes (you can find everything from volcanoes to waterfalls to immaculate sandy beaches).

It is an ideal destination for getting in touch with an absolutely unique wilderness, where sloths, sea turtles and monkeys thrive.

But it is also a country that would have a thing or two to teach the world about what it means to live a green life:

Currently, Costa Rica has the largest protected area in the world: 1,342,900 hectares of protected
For the third time at the top of the Happy Planet Index, which identified it as the happiest and most sustainable country on planet Earth.

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