Our mission

Made-to-measure congresses

Organization and professional consultancy for congresses and meetings in the veterinary sector.

We design and plan each event, manage every single detail, from location to communication, as well as marketing and hospitality for both faculty members and participants.

New brand, old experience
— VET International was born thanks to the synergy collaboration between two leading companies in the meeting industry —

MV Congressi

Great expertise and deep knowledge in the organization of scientific congresses and in the management of scientific associations in the veterinary and animal science fields.

MZ Events

Active since 1987 in various sectors of the meeting industry, MZ Events is a company with a solid financial foundation and has many years of International successes in the management of scientific and medical events.

Our Team

Giulia Dettori

General Manager

Monica Sellari

General Manager

Francesca Corona

General Coordinator & New Business Developer

Patrizia Sirtori

Events Coordinator & New Business Developer

Federica Bozza

Professional Congress Consultant & Organizer (PCCO)

Greta Brioschi

Professional Congress Consultant & Organizer (PCCO)

Federica Donzelli

Professional Congress Consultant & Organizer (PCCO)

Chiara Fiordimondo

Professional Congress Consultant & Organizer (PCCO)

Giorgio Mazzeo

Professional Congress Consultant & Organizer (PCCO)

Francesca Mazzucchelli

Professional Congress Consultant & Organizer (PCCO)

Tania Susmelj

Professional Congress Consultant & Organizer (PCCO)

Marta Tollis

Professional Congress Consultant & Organizer (PCCO)

Nicholas Vergani

Professional Congress Consultant & Organizer (PCCO)

Sensitivity to sustainability

Over the years, we have significantly changed our approach towards the processes followed in the organization of our events in order to minimize the environmental impact.

  • Adoption of ISO 20121 and ISO 26000 for sustainable events
  • Reduction of printed material and enhancement of digital/electronic promotional material
  • Use and promotion of sustainable and recycled materials and products, rather than single-use ones
  • Set-up of recycling stations at congress venues where disposable recyclable objects are collected
  • Selection of locations and venues with Green certification and accessibility to disabled people
  • Use of low impact transfers and proposal to buy compensational carbon credits
  • Use of catering services offering sustainable zero-km products
  • Being part of the project Food for Good

Food for Good

Food for Good is an Italian project that recovers surplus food from events that are run by the Italian company Federcongressi&eventi in collaboration with the Onlus Banco Alimentare and Equoevento.

This is a simple project that does not imply a lot of work or costs, and it is run to comply with the “Law of the Good Samaritan” regulation as well as the most recent Gadda legislation.

The recovered food is delivered to charitable organizations (group homes, soup kitchens and refugee centres).