We manage and produce

Congresses and Meetings

Education and Training

Interactive Courses

Farm Tours

Association Activities

Social Events

with effective and efficient procedures

  • Welcome of Guests and Faculty
  • Support for Programme and Timetable Definition
  • Management of On-Site Staff
  • Date Definition
  • Research and Planning of Event Contents
  • Budget Supervision
  • Marketing and Advertising through Mailing and Social Media
  • Fundraising

Our itemised services

We offer personalised systems for a smoother management of some of the most relevant congress activities.

Following is a list of some of the possible functions and settings:

  • Setting up of all processes, from kick-off to the end of the organizational activities
  • Management of individual and companies’ registration categories, i.e. delegates, speakers, guests, VIP groups, sponsors, etc, and the relevant registration fees, i.e. early, late, on-site, regular, resident, membership etc.
  • Possibility to include social programme activities
  • Handling of participants’ data in compliance with privacy regulations
  • Supervision of congress email updates (registration confirmation, financial documents such as invoices/credit notes, payment reminders)
  • Design of all congress printed material and personalisation of badges and certificates
  • Dedicated software for on-site registration
  • Evaluation and assessment of the best fiscal solutions through highly qualified accounting and tax consulting advisors who are experts in the country where the congress is held

Abstract submission

VET International has developed an internal software to manage all the abstract submission processes.

Several functions able to manage smoothly and efficiently the following activities:

  • Abstract submission system connected to the congress website:
    – Creation of personalized credentials for submitting authors
    – Input of the authors’ personal details: affiliation and list of authors with the relevant presenting author
    – Creation of the authors’ reserved area: possibility of submitting more than one abstract for review and of uploading more than one paper
  • Abstracts review system:- Creation of customized pages and credentials for every single reviewer
    – Smart and simple evaluation process with drop-down menu and boxes for comments or suggestions
  • Efficient automatic emailing system for abstract registration, submission confirmation and acceptance
  • Backoffice software for the management of all processes providing support to both authors and reviewers


We feel that the engagement factor before, during and after the event is crucial in order to develop strong ties, inspire loyalty, provide visibility, and to make every single event special.

For these reasons we put great effort into the following tasks:

  • Design of creative and attractive quality contents
  • Organisation of side events – such as sports and social initiatives, mentorship programmes and focus groups – to raise public interest
  • Involvement of participants through interactive tools, i.e. active listening and live monitoring with questions, feedback sessions, evaluation and satisfaction surveys with real-time statistics.

Creative communication

Each project is unique and developed by a highly qualified team closely collaborating with the client on the basis of a dedicated strategy to design an ad-hoc editorial plan:

  • Production of contents and graphic design for scheduled newsletters
  • Development of congress websites and tailored mobile APP with constant updates
  • Design and printing of brochures, flyers and any other promotional material
  • Opening of social network profiles dedicated to the congress and management of the relevant contents
  • Creation of hashtags and slogans
  • Production of pre-and post-event videos

Printed and On-Line Promotion
Social Networks