Land of Ice and Fire.
Suggested duration of the trip: 5/6 days.

A land of indescribable beauty and with a variety of landscapes to make many other destinations envious. Here the cold of the Arctic climate and glaciers is in perpetual contrast to the warmth coming from the bowels of the Earth. This small and beautiful island has all the makings of an adventure experience for you, completely immersed in unspoiled nature and total silence.

Iceland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean just below the Arctic Circle. It has a population of about 321,000 people and is the least populated European country.

Its landscape is characterized by desert plateaus, mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, glacial rivers, and plains.

Contrary to what one might imagine. Iceland has a temperate climate due to the Gulf Stream, which makes it habitable and makes it visitable throughout the year.

To best plan your trip and be able to conquer a “selfie” with the backdrop of the Northern Lights, you need to take into account the hours of daylight. In summer Iceland has days with lots of light and short nights, while winter is characterized by much longer periods of darkness. One has to find the right compromise to have enough hours of light to devote to sightseeing and as many hours of darkness to fully enjoy the Northern Lights spectacle!

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