Evocative, intense and unforgettable emotions.
Suggested duration of the trip: 9/10 days.

It is the Africa of our imagination, the wild one, the one of the great reserves and the expanses of the savannah, the animals we see in documentaries, the colors of sunsets that look like postcards. Not forgetting Zanzibar, with its exotic aromas, sensual appendage of the country.

In Tanzania, the numbers speak: 14 national parks covering 42,000 square kilometers, 28 large wildlife areas, hundreds of small protected reserves, testifying to a great natural heritage and a great awareness of the importance of its protection.

And the names speak: the Serengeti Park, the Ngorongoro Crater, the Lake Manyara Reserve. A pantheon of nature myths recounted by dozens of adventure reports, now havens for travelers in love with wilderness.

What about seaside relaxation? In Tanzania, the islands speak: Zanzibar and Pemba!

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